Simple Guide: what is blogging and how do we start? blog101

Simple Guide: what is blogging and how do we start? blog101

Simple Guide: what is blogging and how do we start? 

If you are a new blogger or new to blogging and want to start a new blog this is for you. In this era, every new blogger wants to do blogging but no one wants to learn it, everyone wants to start a blog and start earning from tomorrow, but it doesn't happen. To earn from the blog, you have to learn first. I don't know how to create a pro blog how to do keyword research, how to index the page, then what is the benefit of blogging and how to earn this type of blogging.

Blog or Why blog

So here we are at Blog What is a Blog, In the past blog was a medium to share your opinion about anything with the whole world but now blog has become a tool and a way to make money. You can earn a lot of money by writing content yourself or writing it from anyone on the blog. it can also be about technical blogs, personal blogs, information blogs, affliate blogs or business blogs. in which You can write content and publish on blog and you can make money, that's why people want to stat a blog and  make money by doing work on blogging, but it's not like that either.

Blogging has become very difficult in this era, it is the most competitive way to earn money, most of young people want to do blogging, because it has become a way of earning money. Everyone goes to blog to earn money and take care of their life but don't want to go out to earn. Many people are making profit from it but many people waste their time because they didn't want to learn how to start blogging. So be aware of this whenever you start blogging. Start with how to start a blog.

New blogger: How to start  a blog

Now let's see how to start a blog and what is needed for it. In the beginning, you need a blog name and a topic that you have information about. And you can write something on it, for that you need a blogging platform, which is mostly used wordpress or blogger. blogger gives a subdomain in free which is with "". While on wordpress you have to buy hosting and also need a domain for blog but mostly hosting provide domain names in free.

What is a website?

A website can be a multiple collection of file access through a webaddress, that has a particular theme or different subject matter and managed by a particular person or organization.

What is hosting?

web hosting is an online server or PC on which your website is stored and available online 24 hours a day for website user.

What is domain?

A domain is the address of your hosting website through which users can access your content or your website.

What is a blogging niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic on which your attention is focused while creating your blog and writing content in it. It has a broad niche and a specific niche niche or micro niche. Broad niche take time to reach your audience. When you write on a particular niche or micro niche, you can quickly reach your audience and get your blog ranked.

The most difficult task is to find a niche and most bloggers who are new bloggers work on microniches. The blog grows quickly on their microniche. If you don't want to search, here are about a hundred niche below . You can choose any of them and research about it. All in Blogging. More importantly, you need to do niche or micro nich  research and keyword research.


What is keyword?

Keywords are a common element for seo. The keywords that are now used to find your block post. Whenever a user searches for these words, your block post will be top in the search engine and your audience will reach your blog. It is not words it can be a combination of different words.


Finally in this blog you read what blog is. Blogging has become a profession and people use it like a job. In this blog we read how to start a blog, what is a website, what is hosting. What is domain.And you have also read about blogging niche and about keyword so you must visit our website to read more such posts and to get information about blogging thanks.

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